Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving Trees. Changing Landscapes.

American Treescapes is an owner-operated company specializing in large tree installation, relocation and sales. American Treescapes serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Maryland.

Want Privacy?
We'll use the right trees to create a natural buffer and screen that will turn your home into a real sancturary.

Looking for key landscape pieces?
We carefully install everything from the common shade tree to unusual, exotic specimens.
Ready for a new look?
Sometimes trees and shrubs can grow too big for their locations. Instead of removing them you might consider transplanting them to a more suitable location.
Adding a new room or garage?
And there's a beautiful tree in the way...no need to cut it down! First, let's plan to transplant it elsewhere on your property to create shade, a privacy barrier, or a key piece of the landscape.

Use existing trees to create a buffer.
Don’t clear the lot without considering transplanting the viable trees first.
Transplanting the "on-site" trees is becoming very popular with local governments and townships.
Trees now have a higher value than they used to and by saving them from destruction you may add value your project by saving trees and preserving the equity of the property.
Add value to your new commercial and residential developments.
We add privacy to your property by intalling tree buffers. Are neighboring properties not as attractive? Shield them from view with strategically planted trees. 

The Equipment & Expertise to Do It Right!
Let our experienced staff serve you with our growing fleet of trucks and state-of-the-art transplanting equipment. We can carefully and safely transplant trees up to 14" in diameter. We can work closely with your landscape designer or architect to design a landscape that adds value to your lifestyle and property.